We regret to announce that for the time being, we can not accept any new members at Valhalla Bijou Hunt Club.  Over the decades we have strived to provide a consistent upland hunting experience to our membership and have made them a priority in booking fields and providing year-round access to the training grounds and club.  At Valhalla, we provide sportsmen and women along with their families and guests a place to hunt, train, relax, and socialize.  In an effort to keep the experience consistent all new memberships are on pause.  A waitlist is being maintained so please email stephanie@machunts.com to add your application to the list.  We do not have a good idea of when memberships will open back up but encourage anyone considering a membership to also experience The Bluffs this hunting season (their membership is still open).  We love that so many people are getting involved in hunting and shooting sports and thank everyone for their interest in Valhalla Hunt Club.