Hunter Safety

Hunter Safety Class Dates:

  • July 14th – 15th
  • August 18th – 19th

Course Details:

  • Classes are held at Valhalla Bijou, Bennett, CO
  • 9:00am to 5:00pm, Saturday and Sunday
  • Cost $20/student (lunch provided)
  • Space is Limited
  • All Supplies Included

Hunter Safety Instructors: Russell MacLennan & Mike Goodwin

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Concealed Carry Course and Basic Pistol Safety

Hosted by: Valhalla Bijou Hunt ClubConcealed Carry Course and Basic Pistol Safety
When: TBD
Instructor: Dave Fischer

Description: Pistol knowledge and safe gun handling. Ammunition knowledge. Fundamentals of pistol shooting. Includes hands-on training in how to safely load, unload and clean various types of pistols. Live fire exercise at a gun range is included. Meets the training requirements to obtain the Colorado Concealed Carry permit.

Student must provide: Pistol, holster, and a minimum 100 rounds of ammo.


  • 8:00 to 12:00 classroom break for lunch
  • 1:00-3:00 Shooting range

Cost: $100

Register Online:

Feel free to contact Dave at 303-668-1165 if you have any questions about the course.

Defensive Pistol Course

Date: TBD Class size is limited, This is a LIVE RANGE FIRE COURSE!
Location: Valhalla Gun and Kennel Club, Bennett Colorado.
Time: 8:00am.
Ammo: 300 rounds minimum
Holster: Concealed carry holster, can either paddle or belt type holster to fit your model pistol.
Safety: Hearing and Eye Protection with be provided, You are welcome to bring your own. Sunglasses are acceptable.
Cost: $30.00/hour per student.

Course Description: Defensive Pistol Course is designed to advance the skills of the Basic Pistol-man. Moving forward with the four basic fundamentals’ in mind. This course will focus on concealed holster draws, shooting streams, cover and concealment, multiple targets, immediate action drills, tactical re-loading. A semi-auto pistol is recommended, but if you have a revolver. We can certainly rock with that.

Contact Stephanie at Valhalla (or)
Dave Fischer, (Instructor) 303.668.1165